Tribal sovereignty has long been an important issue for the Houlton Band, a degree of which has been reached through legislation by the Federal Government. The governmental structure of the Tribe consists of a six (6) member Council

plus one (1) elected as Tribal Chief. CLARISSA SABATTIS

The leaders are chosen by the membership through an election process. The Tribal Chief serves a four (4) year term, while the Tribal Council members serve four (4) year, staggered terms.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: HBMI's Tribal Council established a 501(c)(3) organization called the Maliseet Development Corporation. This non-profit organization helps to plan, initiate, and manage economic development projects for the Tribe, enabling them to become self-sufficient. The Tribal Council also established a for-profit corporation, the Maliseet Gardens Incorporated, in order to further solidify the financial future of the Band, and foster and enhance the efforts of the Maliseet Development Corporation.  Maliseet Gardens Inc. was instrumental in developing and creating a multi-million dollar commercial / residential rental property located in downtown Bangor, Maine.  HBMI also employs a Tribal Planner and Economic Developer to attain the economic goals set by the Tribal Council.

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