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The HBMI Health department provides an array of health services to tribal members. The department has one full-time and one part-time doctor. Other services that are provided include: some laboratory services, blood draws, the Transportation Department, Contract Medical Care (arranges appointments and payments for outside services) , Community Health Representatives and a Registered Nurse, Diabetes Program, Youth Program Coordinator, Substance Abuse Counselor, Behavioral Health Counselor, Domestic Violence Response Program, and the Maliseet Wellness Center.

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Michelle Barrows

3 Clover Circle

Houlton, ME  04730

Tel (207)532-2240 x123


The Affordable Care Act and You

For information on the Affordable Care Act, and how Native

Americans/Alaska Natives can apply for an exemption,

click here. (PDF)

Inter-Tribal Health Newsletters

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Spring 2011 (pdf (1.39 Mb) )
Summer 2011 (pdf (2.43 Mb) )
Spring 2012 (pdf (1.66 Mb) )

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